Sunday, 3 August 2008

Art Vaults 2008

Every summer for the past few years, Southampton City has opened up several buildings and vaults within the old city walls to host an art exhibition. Called Art Vaults, the exhibited works usually draw inspiration from their settings (commonly dank and dark). Although completely illegally obtained, the following are some images from this year's show.

Essentially a lot of cloud-like shapes made of eggs shells. But it's much better than that sounds. In the dark, and slightly green-lit vault, it's really quite nice.

Cause of Life
The word "consciousness" spelled out in tea lights. Again, it doesn't sound much in principle, but its really very effective.

This is supposed to illustrate the recolonisation of a human space (= the vaults; post-greenhouse?) by sea creatures. All fairly planktonic in appearance, so especially nice for me. Another cool use of the vault space.

Stepping Lightly On 88 Pillows
Pretty much what it says on the tin. 88 concrete pillows (with embroidery!) arranged in a path around the building's interior perimeter. The idea is that you walk around the space stepping from one to the next. There's bound to be a few ankle injuries before the Vaults season finishes ...

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