Saturday, 29 October 2011

Day 2: Lenzie

DSC01803 by Dr Yool
DSC01803, a photo by Dr Yool on Flickr.
After a slightly sluggish (= hangover) start, out with Dave, Suze, Jack and Harry to Summerlee, the "Museum of Scottish Industrial Life". It provides a nice (and, surprisingly, free) view of Scotland in the industrial period from the late-19th to the late-20th century. So there was a lot about heavy industry, including hulking great machines, dioramas of foundry life and even a working train. The picture above shows the "cinema" section of the exhibition. Anyway, it certainly gave Jack and Harry something to run around in (as well as the opportunity to dress up in women's clothes). We spent the evening shooting the breeze back in Lenzie.

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