Monday, 29 August 2011

Product idea of the day

Despite its great convenience and speed, who among us doesn't think that e-mail represents a decline in the great art of human communication? Who doesn't look back with fondness to a time when letters arrived in physical form delivered by hand by a friendly postal worker, and when reading and writing letters was an exercise in anticipation and satisfaction? Our new service, e-Snail, can take you back to this halcyon time, while retaining the convenient aspects of e-mail such as font choices and spell-checking. Sign up with us, and all e-mails that you send will be swiftly channelled to our finest quality printers, printed in the style and on the paper that you choose, and then sent by First Class post to your intended recipient. And all for only a little more than the cost of a stamp. What's more, with only the slightest effort, your family member, friend or significant other can quickly and simply reply to you in the same way [*]. All you need to is register with us today, link the entries in your electronic address book with postcodes in the real, and then get back to a time when "slow communication" really meant careful, thought-through prose which alternately amused, charmed and delighted.

[*] Or even by e-mail if they've yet to embrace e-Smail. They will!


Deditos said...

Sadly, you need only google "mail letters online" to find that this is already a crowded market. That hasn't stopped the moonpigs and funky pigeons from doing well enough to tout garishly their wares through our tellys though. Good luck getting your overheads down to the price of a stamp.

I wonder, is commenting on blog posts a mark of the decline in the art of communication?

Plumbago said...

Curses. I've never come across such a service, so figured it was maybe too dumb an idea to try out in the real (and therefore appropriate for my irregular "product idea of the day" series). I'd come across Moonpig before, and have even used them (with satisfaction) in extremis, but I didn't think anyone had gone down the e-mail letter route. Oh well ...

Regarding commenting on blogs, it is, of course, extremely welcome here, and it's a whole lot more artful and personal than commenting on newspaper articles. There lies the route to madness.