Monday, 16 November 2009


This is a fairly pointless statistic, and a disappointing one when viewed in context, but I finally passed 10,000 photograph views over at Flickr!

Pointless, since I use Flickr to distribute photographs for friends and family rather than for self-validation [*]. Disappointing, since my friend Graham is already sitting an order of magnitude ahead of me, despite neither giving a hoot about the numbers, nor having as many uploaded images. Not, of course, that I'm in some higher-is-better competition ...

[*] In the main that is, although I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't nice to get positive comments from passing visitors.


Anonymous said...

The one with the statue pig in particular sticks in the memory.

Plumbago said...

I think that it's the maniacal smile that does it. Still, it's only been viewed a paltry 16 times since I uploaded it.

My best-viewed image (63 hits) is bizarrely and inexplicably a GPS track. And not even an interesting one since my GPS unit ran out of power before we'd finished our walk.

As ever, there's no accounting for the public's taste.