Sunday, 18 October 2009

More drinking in Eastleigh

Further to last month's evening in Eastleigh, last night saw another, albeit more refined, quaffing-session in the town. This time it was a wine-tasting evening - at least that's the formal excuse. Last time's winner, Dan, was both defending the Golden Arse and co-hosting the evening with Rachel. Unfortunately, as has occurred time and time again, he was unable to retain the Arse, which went to repeat-winner June ...


While June won with an impressive score of 15/18, I trickled in way down the table with a paltry 7/18 points. And, even then, some of those I only got because I played the numbers game and guessed the same wine multiple times. Though I have won the Arse in the distant past (and on my first tasting evening to boot!), my performance in the last few evenings has left a lot to be desired. I think I'll be taking tips from June next time though (and/or copying off of her sheet).

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