Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Avian interloper

Another duck update. Chick numbers appear to be holding steady today, with all but one chick accounted for. Mother 1 has at least six chicks, with the other probably just missed in the count. Mother 2 still has nine chicks. However, there's a pair of interlopers in the quad. A new mating pair has arrived, though there's no sign of chicks just yet (which the male's continued presence is supportive of). At the moment the new pair are hogging the quad's small pond, and I've just seen the male chase off Mother 1 and her chicks. For a moment, I wondered if the male would attack the chicks, which would make sense as they're liable to compete with any of his own. However, he focused on their mother and left them more or less alone. So far.

P.S. Mother 1 has now been confirmed with seven chicks.

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